In case any of you haven’t guessed yet, I have begun my second job and am now working 8 AM to 11 PM. I’m not whining or playing martyr, because I enjoy it, but I also enjoy things like updating my website, relaxing, and sleeping, all of which I won’t have too much access to for the next little while.
I may post short things here and there that no one really cares about but me, but it’s all to show you that I’m alive.
Even my little night elf wonders where I’ve gone.
But have no fear, I still complain about a lot of things, but to the people around me, rather than in cyberspace. And trust me, it’s so odd to actually be around other humans who converse with me, I’d almost prefer it to writing a blog, if only I could edit take my real-life conversations and save changes when I say something moronic like I do here.
Anyway, I’m off to bed to wonder why no one has told the aruba chick’s media coverage who continue to moo about the fact that the investigation may be racist without mentioning that there are NO NATIVE WHITE PEOPLE ON THE ISLAND OF ARUBA, SAVE FOR 4 OR 5 DUTCH.
That’s literally like going to Ireland, seeing someone in a bar fight, and getting offended when someone mentions they might have been drinking, because it’s not PC to insinuate that Irish people like to suck on grandpa’s old cough syrup.
Also, why does ANYONE watch Viva La Bam?
See? When I don’t let it out, it gets all backed up.
That is all.

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