Year in Review 2009

So, what I usually do around the ends of years (or shortly after them) is suddenly recall I have a blog, then hastily type up a year-in-review post, month by month, recalling what I’ve learned. It is completely self-serving, and I’m sure I’m the only one who reads them, but as it is very cathartic, I will keep it up until the internet issues a restraining order against me.


-2009 started awkwardly when I found myself at a bar soiree I had begged a friend to let me tag along with him and his friends to. The New Years Rockin’ Eve replayed for the west coast, and I pecked a guy I’d been talking to ’cause everyone else was doing it with the random people they’d been talking to. After a few glasses of champagne, he asked for my number. Terrified, I asked if I could give him my e-mail instead. Smooth as silk, this one is.
-I got a new bike! Now, to move a place that has other places in biking distance!
Looking back
-How is everyone not as terrified of social interaction with strangers as I am?
-This month was cold.

-Greg helped me rewrite the code for the new layout of my site! Yay! Greg is currently no longer speaking to me for some reason I’m unaware of! Boo!
-I lost my wallet, got a call from the good Samaritan who found it, and was relieved that I hadn’t already canceled my credit cards. The guy couldn’t get my wallet back to me right away, and in the interim, I worried so much, I canceled them all anyway. Thanks, OCD, for making me distrust good Samaritans. (OCD Editor’s Note: OR BAD SAMARITANS, AMIRITE?)
-I spent the night at a friend’s apartment and met their roommate, the cutest guy ever.
Looking back
-Uh, always look down when you’re biking with your wallet and you hear a thud.
-If you’re single, always fix your hair and look nice when going to a friend’s house with roommates for the first time, even if you really, really want to wear pajama pants and a sweatshirt.

-For the large part of this month, I rolled my eyes at what I thought were just lines Tyler told every girl he met.
-I also found out about my weird thyroid problems and began a fun year-long trek through discovering what medicines I can’t take!
Looking back
-I should resolve not to be so cynical when people compliment me.
-I should resolve to not have medicinal side effects. You hear that, body?! (Body Editor’s Note: Shut it, or I’ll give you hives!)

-I finally believed Tyler was just inherently sweet, and we officially started dating.
-I began watching “Twin Peaks” with Melissa. She immediately googled “who killed laura palmer?” because she couldn’t take 2 seasons of suspense.
Looking back
-Tyler is very patient.
-Kyle McLaughlin is a delight.

-I didn’t blog very specifically in this month, but it’s safe to say I probably had a cold at some point during it, I watched a lot of television, and hated my job as a closed captioner.
Looking back
-I should blog more.

-I went to Pittsburgh for my annual month-long yelling at children and being yelled at by directors. It was great, as always. Tyler came to see the madness for the second show, helped me out backstage, and given his extensive theater background, was astounded to discover that a PAC stage manager does a lot less managing the stage and a lot more shushing children and giving them the stink-eye. And working the smoke machine for the Genie’s magical entrance from inside Aladdin’s lamp!
Looking back
-It will be pretty sad that my new job doesn’t allow ridiculous yearly month-long sabbaticals.

-I celebrated my 29th year of life with a few of my friends. I invited *more* than a few, but summer birthdays do have an other-people-on-vacation curse.
Looking back
-Don’t book a place using the total number of people invited, silly!
-Next year, I won’t use “Evite” and will instead send cards that burst into flames if you check “no” on the RSVP. That’ll teach ’em!
-Just kidding. Next year, I’m going on a cruise and no one else is invited.
-Double just kidding. Melissa, Tyler, and Traci are invited, but self-deprecating jokes don’t work as well when you have real friends. Ask Larry David!

-I went to Las Vegas to watch my friends Renee and Richard get married again, since they got married in Japan a year previous, but no one attending spoke Japanese, so they very well could have been at the Swearing In Of Pokemon Masters Ceremony and just not known it.
-I joined my craft group and have continued to go almost every Monday since then! And I just got a sewing machine for Christmas! Whee! I’ma make a quilt!
Looking back
-Tyler’s phone charger must have happened in Vegas, because it stayed in Vegas. I’ll bet hotels make more than room fare auctioning those things off on ebay.
-Renee and Richard were the only ones to send me a Christmas card!
-Just kidding! My Jewish doctor sent me the other one. He’s really cool, but my thyroid is putting his kid through college.

-I finished my first-ever experience with Jury Duty. It was really interesting and got me thinking about a lot of things from our legal system to mortality. I’ll finish the story about it soon, but I really want to do it…JUSTICE! Seriously, though.
Looking back
-Why are you only not allowed to talk about things you REALLY, REALLY want to talk about? And when it’s over, it’s not so urgent.

-The only thing that sticks out in my mind about October is that I was going through the application process of my now-current job. I was sure I’d failed at so many parts during the process, but I guess you can never tell. On the 78 other interviews I’d taken time from work to go on throughout the year (number only slightly exaggerated), I’d thought I’d nailed it.
Looking back
-In the words of the great Dave Cahill — regarding searching for things, whether it be a relationship, a job, a house, and it seems so tedious and unrelenting — “It only takes one.” And then it’s great, and you maybe never have to look again.

-I said goodbye to all my old co-workers and whispered to them that they, too, could follow their dreams.
-I started my new job! And almost immediately went on Thanksgiving break! Terrifying!
-With Delightful Melli’s blessing, Tyler officially moved into our apartment. Scamp also approved.
Looking back
-In years past of job hunting, I’d sort of laid back around the holidays, for fear of having to ask for time off right away. I’m either super lucky to not be working in retail or to be living in LA, because it’s actually not that bad, and to any job hunters out there — it’s probably the best time, because everyone else will be thinking of slacking their searches, too.

-I think I’m starting to get the hang of things around the office. I hope I am. I’m the one who would be in charge of scheduling my own feedback, so I might write in “Tell Lauren she’s awesome” on my boss’ calendar for January 4th.
-I did a whirlwind tour of the east coast, catching up with family and friends in Pennsylvania and meeting Tyler’s family and friends (including a NEW friend — my friend Kevin) in Georgia.
Looking back
-Even though this one’s not technically over yet, vacations need to be longer. Or I need to take advantage of more three-day weekends.

I think that’s it! The Christmas card I sent out was, admittedly, a bit more focused on the happier sides of things, and I got a lot of flak for that because apparently people don’t LIKE hearing that lives are awesome. So I let this post have its ups and downs, including passive-aggressive anger about the number of Christmas cards I received (2), and I just came to a BRILLIANT conclusion. I’m going to keep sending cheerful Christmas cards out for spite. Yeah! If you don’t WANT a card, simply send me one first, and you’re off the list as a courtesy.

Just kidding, everyone. I love you all, and I’ll still send EVERYONE a card that’s on my List. I had a great year, but I’m still looking forward to 2010 as the year everyone stopped wearing the glasses with two zeroes in the middle as the eye holes. Ooh, and it’s the beginning of a new decade! Quick, everyone! Change your cultures and start doing totally new stuff that will make the stuff we’re doing now look old-fashioned and lame and SO TOTALLY ’00s. Yeah! Go team!

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