Ich bin nicht sehr Stark

My parents called yesterday, and I realized I forgot to share with them my brilliant idea for a Halloween costume. Knowing they watch movies almost every week, I had them guess, but to no avail.
So I hummed “I am Iron Man,” and my dad guessed…Ozzy Ozbourne.
No, I didn’t want to suit up in the red and yellow chrome, especially since the only Halloween affair I have planned is Melissa’s Scary Movies and Pie party tomorrow. So I chose a costume like I always do: How can I use clothes I already have with the least amount of work tacked on at the end to make it look like I made an effort?
So, after some crafty craft work, and a little help from my feline sidekick, I present you with my Halloween costume.

Cave-in-Afghanistan Tony Stark and his fellow captive, Dr. YinScamp

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