2-Death Nightmare

I just woke up from this one. Technically, I woke up at about 5 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep because I was so upset, but I knew it would stay fresh in my mind.
I can’t remember the exact circumstances, but I was in this place that seemed like a train station. Or maybe it was a place where trams brought you to the airport. Or maybe it was an amusement park where you rode on trams for fun, because everyone around me was happy and laughing. Actually, I think it was a mix of all three. I remember buying a ticket on a certain line where I liked the conductor because he joked around. I was with my family and a group of friends, and a boy I liked. It started off as all good.
At some point, we stopped to have a gathering somewhere. It wasn’t at someone’s house, but it was kind of a private party, and there was a little kitchen nook in the back where people could prepare food or something. Here’s where it gets morbid.
Someone at the party who was a stranger to me was dying. He was in the nook with me and several people close to me: my mom, my brother Ryan, and maybe one other friend. I can’t remember how it came about, but this person HAD to die. He had done something bad or he had asked for it, but I was being convinced that he had to die and it was a completely legal and merciful thing that had to be done. Only no one would do it, and they wanted me to do it. AND he had since become delusional and would resist anything slow like, I don’t know, chloroform and an injection or something.
I kept thinking that I wouldn’t want to go on living knowing forever that I had killed someone, and he looked to me like he could go at any minute, so I decided to wait it out. Ew, I just remembered. At one point, he actually threw up his internal organs. Like, I remember a kidney and, like, a bladder, outside of his mouth attached by a gross string. And I was like, “He HAS to be dead now,” and I’d go out into the party and say, “Okay, everyone, I’m sorry. He’s gone.” But then he’d burst around the corner, shoving his internal organs back in, like, “What? Me? I’m fine.” And everyone at the party would be disappointed in me.
I guess I got it through my head that these people wanted him GONE, and since I couldn’t kill him, I decided to put him in my car and drive around until he was dead. So I dragged him out to the train area to buy the ticket from the machine for my favorite conductor, and I passed the guy I liked on the escalator.
I told him that I was sorry, but I couldn’t talk right then, and he looked at the half-dead guy and he said he understood. PS, why are all these people okay with me “killing” this poor dying guy? No clue. But actually, he WAS starting to piss me off a little.
I get off the train, and it’s sad, because everyone there is happy and laughing, and I have this horrible job to do. I get out to the car with my mom and brother, and we’re trying to push this stiffening guy into the car, and it’s not working. This is the part that’s like an airport, because there are all these security agents outside.
This part is crystal clear in my mind. I’m on the driver’s side, and my brother opens the door on the passenger side, but the dying guy slumps to the ground. My brother turns, but he’s on the other side of the door. He’s about to close it to pick up the guy, but at the same time, two security guards run over to help the dying guy. Well, dying guy chooses this moment to come back to life again and sees the two security guards manhandling him as trouble, and he struggles. He’s apparently really strong now, and he’s smashing a rock or something over one guard’s head. The other guard raises his gun, and I scream, “RYAN, LOOK OUT!”
The guard shoots dying guy through the stomach, the bullet exits, goes through the open passenger door, and into Ryan’s stomach, and there’s blood everywhere. The guards don’t look sorry at all, and I’m fumbling with my cellphone, shaking, because I’m so scared that an ambulance will come and take care of stupid dying guy and dumb rock-smashed-head security guard before they’ll help Ryan. And I’m shaking so bad, I keep dialing 9-1-# and 9-1-5 instead of 911.
Then I wake up, and I’m panting because I’m so out of breath and it feels like the bed is shaking because my heart’s beating so fast.
So I guess don’t watch Discovery Health Shows before bed, either.

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