Wrong clothes

I had this dream 2 nights ago, but what I remember is exactly what I remembered waking up. Which is not much.
I was in Dream High School — again, not exactly how my High School actually looks, but how it ALWAYS looks when I dream about it. I was on the top floor in the 7th graders section, and I suddenly realized that I hadn’t shaved my legs and I was wearing a skirt.
I borrowed a pair of gray pants that didn’t match from a girl named Jenica who I haven’t thought of in YEARS.
That’s about it. It was only interesting to post because I feel like I often have wrong clothes dreams. I always remember one dream I had when I was actually IN 7th grade — and it interestingly occurred 2 floors below yesterday’s dream in my Dream High School. I had ballet class every Wednesday (for 12 years) and I was forever forgetting my ballet clothes and getting yelled at.
In that dream, I had brought 2 pairs of tights instead of one pair of tights and one leotard, and so I put the tights on my legs and put my arms in the leotard, hoping no one would notice. They did. Awkward!


I had this dream last night. I started off in a bookstore in my Dream College. I often have dreams about Vanderbilt …


Wow. I forgot I ever made this blog subset until I happened upon it in my FTP the other day. Well, first …