Cool People Part 2

The cool thing about being thrown into the middle of Japan on the JET program is that I was thrown in with about 50 other newbies in my same situation, AND with a bunch of other second-years-and-up to help us all along.
I feel like I’ve gotten to know a lot of people really well, and I hope we can all stay in touch even after we’ve left Japan. Hell, I was only in Switzerland for 4 months, and I still stay in relative touch with those kids. There’s something about being in a new and confusing situation with a bunch of other people that brings you all together. Like a hostage situation! Only, you know, with less potential for death.
When I read back over my OMGBFF blogs of times past, it sometimes reads a little childish, but I’m always secretly glad I documented those parts of my life. And since my Japan life would be vastly different without this group of adventurers, I felt it appropriate to give them the due props here instead of telling them to their faces in an awkward confession. Plus, talking about feelings out loud is totally gay.
So without further ado, here are the people I will probably reference a lot and appear in most of my pictures. I will give each person a sentence so I don’t bore you to tears.
Nancy — My California buddy and Tokyo roomie who roughed the brave streets of Akihabara with me, and more recently, came with me on our awesome pilgrimage to the mecca of Costco.
Jamie — When we found out that our predecessors used to be friends, we knew we were guaranteed a dining buddy with whom to brave the terrifying restaurants…and also seek out tacos.
Kevin — My partner in cynicism who knows that beer and Mario Mini Games are the solution to all of life’s problems.
Seth — Seth came to Japan to stop artificial intelligence from getting too smart and destroying us all like in the Matrix and Terminator, and I really can’t tell if he’s joking or not.
Jake — As I always say, many of life’s friendships are bonded through eating disgusting giblets together and talking about the intricacies of Firefox plugins.
Fred — Fred has gone above and beyond the call of a big brother figure and helped me with everything from how to survive the harsh Japanese summers to telling me what the hell the air-freshener-looking thing plugged into my wall was (a bug keeper-awayer).
Chris — I seem to have a tendency to take awkward pictures of Chris in the middle of eating food or reacting hilariously to various comments… and since I wage a personal war on boring pictures of people just smiling, it makes for awesome photo-logs.
Janet — I’ve always wanted to act out that scene in Austin Powers where various plants and props hid the blatant nudity, and because of Janet’s brave suggestion that I come along with her to the local onsen, I got to achieve this goal.
Dave and Charlotte — It’s almost like God was like, “Say, Lauren, how about I make two people who love sightseeing, eating stuff, and playing video games as much as you, AND I throw in some cool accents just to make life interesting?” Thanks, Buddy.
Gabe — We’ve got the 27-year-old JET perspective covered, and all I can tell you is that it involves a lot of making fun of other people.
Bex — Bex is the reason I stay out at izakayas a lot longer than I intend to — because she’s British, and when she threatens my life if I leave, it sounds a lot more intimidating.
Renee — She shares my unhealthy obsession with certain vampire-themed shows of the late ’90s, AND she told me last weekend that I had to roll a d20 to see if I could leave the bar, which is the best thing ever for a person to unabashedly say in public.
Well, there you have it. Those are the people that have helped make my first few months here a blast. If I forgot anyone, tell me at recess, and I’ll see if I can make room for you at the Cool Lunch Table.

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