More pictures

Here we go with some new picture sets! Someone’s been a busy picture-taking bee.

School / English Conference

Shopping Day!

And here are some videos I’ve been taking. Some are long, some are short, some are boring, some are interesting. See if you can guess which ones are which!
I will only link the text so this page doesn’t explode with flash.
Fireworks Festival – Set to music.
Cool Japanese Street Sign – Of the future!
Twisted Firestarters – These guys are serious about lighting stuff on fire.
Geisha Dance Part 1 – Bonus of my friends Jamie and Chris at the end.
Geisha Dance Part 2 – Bonus weird guy playing an imaginary drum!
Drum Line – Pretty badass. (I’ll hear no comments on whether or not the situation necessitates an increase in the usage of cowbell.)
Black Box of F***ing Squirrels – Surprisingly not work safe.
So that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to. Hopefully there remains a lot of camera fodder that I can continue to share with you. I’m already “getting used to” a lot of weird stuff, so I have to remember what I haven’t posted yet.
All right, off to bed. I’ve got a tough day of pretending to look busy ahead!

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