There are a lot of things I should be doing right now.
I should be at Melissa’s changing her sheets, because she is sick and gave me that one request, possibly to infect me or something. I should be in bed, because a rested girl is a productive worker! I should be cleaning the house, because we just went to Costco and I didn’t feel like putting everything away, so it looks like I could build a homeless shelter in here using only boxes of ramen noodles.
But what I should be doing MOST is playing Final Fantasy 12.
Now, I’m not too far in just yet, so I’m hoping things don’t take a turn for the suck, but it’s looking good. I played the first four hours twice, though, because this happy game has one of those Jerk Secrets where if you accidentally look in the wrong direction, you lose the Ultimate Sword you would have gotten, oh, about 70 hours in. I call this the “Return to Zork” Effect, from the very fun but very easily losable PC game where there is a random plant on the very first screen of the game where if you don’t do the EXACT CORRECT THING out of say 12 choices, the game will be unwinnable, only you don’t know about it until the game is 3/4 over. That’s just a little “F-you” from the programmers and designers whose last game had probably rated low on the “replayability” scale by some magazine.
While I’m complaining about my new favorite game, I should also point out that the camera angles may just have been coded by hyperactive fleas with ADD. You pretty much have to control it yourself, much like Kotor, if I remember correctly, but even if you do this and you accidentally pan left and happen to be next to a wall…ZING! Your camera is 10 feet up in the air, and you’re staring down at your own head!
Actually, this was probably coded by the graphic artists in charge of hair design. Yes, it looks great. Millions of individual hairs for each character? Neat. Now, can I please get a look at this hot rabbit person standing in front of me?
But I’ve been thinking, and actually not much else about the game annoys me. Justin thinks it looks a little too much like Kotor, but I think he’s referring to the fact that I wandered around the uptown and the slums a little too long, because I am obsessed with gaining the backstory of each and every character with dialog. Actually, now that I think back, it kind of made me mad how I was confined to that first damn planet on Kotor. I felt like I ran back and forth delivering damn blasters and Wookies or whatever for AGES. In this game, I’m like, “You want me to go into the desert NOW?! I haven’t even been to a magic shop! I’ve barely seen a damn moogle. What the hell is a gambit? I’M GOING TO GET KILLED!”
Finally, I knew this game was something special when I began daydreaming about coming home and playing it while at work. It has been a WHILE since I did that. I was into World of Warcraft for a while, but signing on was kind of like a chore. I did it out of guilt or loyalty or remembering that it was Tuesday, and I really wanted to have a pretty “Sergeant” next to my name in Local Defense chat.
But alas, it is getting late. I’ll just have to come home quickly tomorrow, so I can play all night. Unless Melissa wants me to rotate her mattress or change her tires or something.


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