Meowy Christmas

My dad’s out of town for Christmas, since some of you jerks insist on flying on holidays, so we celebrated last night.
My mom is pretty cool, as you may have heard in a previous post about her being able to get anything allegedly out-of-stock in the Christmas season. She got me a PS3. Now, I badmouthed it before — to her even, minutes before we began opening gifts, but as soon as I found out I had one, I immediately forgave Sony and forgot how I previously had cursed their name. So now I have a ridiculously overpriced next-generation gaming system.
But really, $700…I mean, when you break it down — it comes with “Talladega Nights,” which I just saw tonight, and even though I’m not sure why anyone in their right mind would purchase it, I would guess it retails at about $20.
Also, it comes with a game (that I’ve never heard of), so say that would have ordinarily brought in another $60, had I for some reason purchased that on my own.
Next, it’s a DVD player, and I was going to have to invest in one of those anyway, so let’s just go ahead and knock another $70 off there, presuming I would have purchased a mildly credible one.
Also, I was going to invest in a PS2 to play all my old games on and replace my broken one, so there’s another $150.
So really, my PS3 was only $400, which is the cost of the other consoles out right now. SO IT’S TOTALLY VALID for me to have let my mom pay this much money for a gift for me…right, guys?
Well, guilt is part of my family holiday spirit, and besides I got my parents a book of pictures of my cat, so it’s like totally worth it.
Anyway, I hope everyone else has a delightful holiday. My brother and I are going to take advantage of the free day by going skiing! On Christmas! So all the lift operators can curse our names for making them work!

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