Productive Weekend!!

I was inspired this weekend, and I drew up this quick Comic. I’m particularly proud of how the caricature in last panel came out.
In other news, I think our housekeeper hates us. Today marks the second time that I’ve seen her at our landlords’ house and she didn’t come over here. She’s supposed to come every other weekend, but there was a period of time where she didn’t come for two months. Now, I don’t even keep track of it anymore, and I just find it a lucky day when she stops by.
She does a great job, but I sometimes feel guilty that we leave a week’s worth of dishes for her. Now, that may seem like a lot, until you think of the fact that this pile can only consist of things in our small kitchen sink. So when I see her outside, I always dash to the sink so I can do the dishes before she gets here, which, if you think about it, defeats the purpose of a housekeeper.
Now, I’ve never had one, but I assume people share this same dirty guilt that I do — the same way you wash your hair before getting a hair cut that includes a shampoo. But if I feel so guilty, why do I even have one? Why don’t I rush around and clean the entire house before she comes over, so she can stop in, take a look around, say, “I guess my job here is done,” and then my landlords can pay her.
We have hardwood floors, though, and I don’t think they’d ever get scrubbed if she didn’t come by and make everything smell antiseptic. So anyway, I saw her in my landlords’ house, and she could have been bending over to pick something up off the ground, but it sure as hell looked like she was ducking out of sight. Maybe she’s annoyed that she can’t sweep anything up without my cat attacking the broom and messing up any swept-up piles of dirt. Or maybe she thinks we’re dirty pigs and she hates us.
But I don’t want to mess with her, because her name is Blanca, and she could easily curl herself into a ball and electrocute us.