Am I flattered that people steal my bandwidth?

I have a dilemma, interfriends.
Apparently, an image I made has become quite popular as an internet meme. For those of you who don’t know what a meme is, wikipedia defines it as, “Lauren doesn’t really feel like looking it up right now, but it’s like an amusing picture or quiz that keeps getting passed around and posted everywhere, but most of the idiots don’t own webspace of their own, so they just paste the original url, which steals bandwidth from the original user, which in this case is Lauren.”
If you don’t recognize the image, or didn’t read my original post when I made it, it’s the kid from “Billy Madison” who stuttered while he was reading, and Adam Sandler screamed that historical phrase at him.
I guess I’m a little flattered that it’s being passed around. But when I think about it, I didn’t have the kid myself, nor am I the only person who realized that he grew up. I didn’t even write the phrase. I just wrote it in all caps, which everyone knows is the key to comedy. That’s not what I’m upset about.
I do own the webspace, but I don’t know how much it actually affects me. Maybe a lot. Maybe not at all. So do I have a right to be upset that it is being posted everywhere? I guess I’m not really “upset” in the strictest sense.
I do, however, have the power to change it to whatever I want. A smart person would simply steal my image and host it themselves, like I have in my funny section, which is mostly just images from or random weirdness I happened to stumble across and saved to My Documents I thought were too funny not to share. I don’t think anyone thinks I actually made those, though.
So I’m torn. Because they hotlinked it, I have the power to, say, save an image of a kitten driving a firetruck with the url ending in stutteringkid.jpg, and immediately, myspace pages everywhere will proclaim their love for kittens. And that’s if I’m nice. I’ve seen a lot of stolen images changed into…stuff you’d rather see less than a kitten driving a firetruck. Unless you’re, like, a pedestrian or something. Then you’d wouldn’t want to see either thing equally.
Should I change the picture? Which would potentially just make them steal the image themselves and keep it anyway? Do I care if they steal it? Do I care if they don’t steal it, and I allow them to use my bandwidth, even though I’m not necessarily doing anything with that particular width of band?
Do I play World of Warcraft instead of answering all the questions but this? Yes.