I will not have internet until Friday. My landlord forgot to pay his bill, but I really think it’s the souls of the dead ants I’ve killed clogging up the atmosphere that is the reason I can’t get a WiFi connection.
Right now, I am at the library with all the other lowlifes who don’t have internet. One guy looks like he’s homeless except for the fact that he’s working on a Mac laptop. I also think he’s looking at porn, but I don’t have my glasses on. It could just be sexy pink clouds with nipples.
I am going to finish checking my email and exit the library, holding my laptop tightly.

Fire Bad

So I guess California is on fire or something. Actually, the sky looked like it was on fire a few hours ago. …

This just in! Saddam Hussein is a fan of “Kids in the Hall”!!! And now for a horribly done photoshop.

I dislike bugs

It’s about that time of year again where all the little robins fly out and lay eggs and a young boy’s fancy …

I’m a Californian

I’ve lived in the state of California for a year in a week or so from now. Just don’t tell the DMV. …

Super size me!

I saw “Super Size Me” this weekend. As with the show “30 Days,” I had to have Justin pause it every 5 …