I slightly updated Buzz-Wear, so y’all can mosey over there and marvel at my ridiculous saleswoman skillz. I also speak in the Royal We like none other.
I took off work today because I felt really sick. Remember how I’m always nervous that people think I’m lying about everything, when I never am? Calling in sick is my least favorite thing to do.
I hate sounding pathetic on the phone to anyone but my friends and family (lucky you guys!), so when I call in sick, I automatically force myself to sound fine. This is a defense mechanism built in by my father who raised me like a boy and taught me to never let anyone see you weak. He’s the same type of guy who, if you showed him your arm bone sticking out of your skin, he would tell you to walk it off.
So, when I call my bosses to inform them that I’m sick, I actually sound a lot better than when I’m healthy. Then I catch myself and worry that I should sound sicker, but then I just sound shifty.
Sometimes I wonder if it would be worth avoiding all that just forcing myself to go into work feeling like crap.

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