Happy Fish on Your Back Day

Another year, another April Fool’s Day I have worry about who is going to trick me, thus turning my day into a distrustful day of conspiracy likely culminating with me shouting at green lights, “Yeah, RIGHT, you’re green! I’m going to stay parked here, because I’M no FOOL!”
I have no wacky tricks for you, no upside-down websites, no bunny links that actually lead to porn sites. I’m pretty much terrified of having tricks played on me, but I do enjoy the interesting things that happen to other people, like the horrible trick Adam Carolla played on his producer on the air this morning.
The worst trick was played on me 7years ago today, when I was about to perform a play with Melissa that we had written, directed, and organized for over 6 months, with my parents flying in, and plenty of tickets sold. Then my treasurer, world-renowned Stuben Farrar, came up to me in a panic and informed me that he had forgotten to rent out our theater space. Yeah, no hearty laughs and back slapping were shared over that little trick. Unless by “back slapping,” you mean “face punching.”
I think it would be a delightful April Fool’s joke for my bosses to send me an e-mail saying that I really didn’t have to come into work, then not have it really be a joke, but be true, like an April Fool’s Day present. But that’s probably not gonna happen, so I’d best be off to dreamland…
But I leave you with this. The unveiling of a new era. An era of freedom. An era of prosperity. An era of sassy t-shirts.
I introduce you to the beta version of BuzzWear.
Step One — Leave comments to let me know what you think.
Step Two — ?
Step Three — Profit.
At least that’s the plan. Later, dudes.

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