My least favorite day…

Please view this entry in Internet Explorer, you silly minority.
I hate April Fool’s Day, because I don’t like tricking people.
Innocent tricks are okay, like balancing a cup of water on someone’s door or smearing lotion on a toilet seat are innocuous and everyone shares a good laugh, but there are some people who genuinely want to tell someone some information that ellicits an emotional response for the sole purpose of laughing at the fool who believed them.
I hate all jokes and lies of that sort.
Once the vice president of the club Melissa and I founded and presided over told me that the room we had asked him to reserve for our play the next day told us, on April 1st, that the room was unavailable and we’d have to redecorate a new room somewhere and reblock the whole thing.
Why? Why do people like to see me sweat? This is why I don’t believe anything anyone says ever.
But I have no problems with flipping a website around for a hearty laugh felt by all. Especially when it’s done by minimal work on my part. Thanks, Justin.
So, I don’t have anything else of importance to say, today, at least.
I just needed some blob of text to make it look interesting.
And my being interesting is my April Fool’s treat to you.