Well, if you don’t like Spoilers, don’t read ahead.
Although I’m only about 10 hours into Kotor 2 and it’s hard to call something a spoiler that happens in the first seven seconds of a game.
Anyway, much like what happened when Kotor 1 came out, I’ve been yearning for some ’70s George Lucas lovin’, and I popped “Empire Strikes Back” into the ol’ PS2.
Now, I had noticed some similarities between the sequel of the game and Episode V whilst playing, but I have forgotten many specifics of the movie I hadn’t seem since about the ’80s, and I would like to list here how many absolutley ridiculous similarities there are.
Apparently the game developers were instructed to watch Episode V over and over Clockwork-Orange style and then “come up with” ideas for the game.
So without further ado, here are some similarities:
Remember, if you haven’t played Kotor 2 and want to, don’t read this:
Yes, I know I posted a while ago about how I hate people who talk about spoilers. Why don’t you whine in my comments about it?:
For those of you skipping this part, there’s a section at the end where I talk about something else briefly. Skip down to where it says HERE!:
And now, on with the similarities:

– Kreia loses her hand. Luke loses his hand.
– Bao-Dur has a robotic arm. Luke has a robotic hand.
– Secret Jedi base on Ice Planet (Telos — well, an ice-covered part of it). Secret Rebel base on Ice Planet (Hoth).
– Ebon Hawk needs repairs by an R2 unit. Millenium Falcon nees repairs by an R2 unit.
– Hawk flies through asteroid field. Falcon flies through asteroid field.
– Darth Sion looks like his face is falling off. We get a first glimpse at the back of Darth Vader’s head, which looks like it’s falling off.
– They think Luke’s the last Jedi, but there is another. Plus, Luke’s not even a full Jedi yet. They think I’m the last Jedi, but there is another. Plus, I’m not technically a Jedi anymore.
– Sexy pilot Han is in love with Leia. Sexy pilot Atton is in love with me. Well…at night…when the game is off…in my dreams.
– Luke makes out with Leia. My character makes out with sister. (HIDDEN SIDEQUEST!!)
Okay, so there aren’t that many similarities, but THERE ARE ENOUGH and probably more later, if I could fucking not die every fight. I should have given myself more strength.

In other news, I know this happens to everyone, but it freaked me out.
Today, I put in a CD and I cleaned my room.
I went on the coomputer and looked through the Livejournal image page for awhile and IMed some of my friends.
I made myself a sandwich and ate some Cheetos.
I talked to my mom on the phone and I watched some TV.
Then I fucking woke up!
What the hell?! It was the most uneventful, realistic dream, and so now, this whole day I’ve been thinking “Oh, man, I should tell Justin I listened to his CD while I was cleaning…Wait. No, I didn’t.” Or “I should tell Tu2 that I saw what he was talking about…wait. I imagined what he was talking about.” And now when I clean my room and make my sandwich, I’m like “Didn’t I already DO this?!”
I guess it’s cool. Three-day weekend?

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