Well, I’m not gonna make it much longer, guys.
Like apparently every other person on the planet, I am sick right now.
I’m updating from my room at my mom’s house on a strict diet of crackers and ginger ale, rocking back and forth in my pajamas, and wondering what it’s like to feel healthy.
I should have a nice Christmas update for you cats, even though my family is all non-traditional heathens, and I’m pretty sure we’re celebrating it tonight.
You see, my brother is going on a skiing trip that leaves Chrismas morning, and since he counts more than me, and my mom has inexplicably told me to “stay in my room for the length of time that it would take to secretly put presents out.” Now, call me Sherlock, but I’m pretty sure it’s Christmas in the house of Cox.
I’m a little upset, because I left my present for them at my house, because guess what, IT’S DECEMBER 22nd!!!
I just thought I should let you all know why I haven’t been updating and all, and that this time I have a legitamate excuse.
Let’s hope I don’t vomit at work again tomorrow!

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