One down, three point six to go

Well, the Christmas season is nigh, and I am stuck wondering how Penny Arcade gets swanky visitors who donate to things like Child’s Play, enough so to even fund a fucking Fundraiser dinner, and how I get stuck with viewers that like to tell me about what happened in their days or what pop-ups they just saw or how they’re related to me.
Then, of course, I feel guilty for having a wishlist on my site instead of donating proceeds to charity like or to sick kids like Penny Arcade. Then I feel bad for coming up with a joke that consisted of me insisting that if you bought something for me off my wishlist, I promise to decidedly *not* give cancer to children unless by “cancer” you mean “repeated kicks to the head” and “children” you mean “every kid who sat behind me on all four of my plane rides in the past week.” And then that snowballs into guilt over not updating, and then the guilt compounds into a shame spiral, and I finally have learned the meaning of Christmas.
In other news, I am replaying FF8 (ffff-ffff-fate) and let me tell you — I wish Triple Triad were an actual game. Man, do I kick ass.
Same with Pazaak in Kotor.
Sometimes I get so good at minigames, I wonder why I even go outside.
Mmm, interestinger update later?
Time will tell.
(Time: No. And “interestinger” is not a word.)

Turkey Lurkey Doo

Mornin’ websurfers. This update is coming atcha from beautiful Colorado, in a dirty frat house, on a dirty mac. I hope it …