My dear friend Sarah Smith once told me, frankly and without sarcasm or joking, “I don’t even think we’d be friends if we didn’t have the same taste in food.”
I agree with this wholeheartedly.
When I think about all my friends, we basically have the same tastes and opinions of food. Mainly, that it is good.
I have never had a very lasting relationship with a vegetarian, and I apologize if I offend any of you people or bunnies who read my site, but there’s something about sharing a basic food philosophy.
For example, Joe called me just the other day, for the sole purpose of informing me that they’re re-releasing Jell-O Pudding Pops.
I thought this was humorous.
So, last night, I was out to dinner with Jessie, and I was sharing with her my philosophy on food (mainly, that it’s good), and I told her about Joe’s call, expecting a light chuckle, but instead she just about jumped clean out of her seat, and I had to all but restrain her from running out to the store at that very moment.
Jessie and I were out at a restaurant called Miyako, which is one of those Benihana type restaurants where they get a wacky Japanese Chef to throw things at you and light things on fire in humorous ways.
Plus, our waiter looked like a hobbit.
And if you know me, I have both an Asian thing, and a hot hobbit thing, so I was feeling pretty good.
Yes, Sean, I had a hobbit thing.
Why do you think I dated you for 3 years?
At any rate, the food was delicious, and well worth the money spent.
Last week, I went out to a place called Bahama Breeze with Paco, and THAT was one of those themed tiki-torch, kind of “is this a grass-hut or a restaurant?” deals, where they play the brass drums and the menu refers to you as “Mon,” and you feel as if you should be smoking weed in the back with a guy named Rafiki and hating democracy.
Maybe that’s just me.
Anyway, I say that to say this.
The homefront’s been getting a little chunky.
For some reason, Peanut Butter sandwiches are not, as it turns out, a staple of a healthy diet.
So, I’ve been consuming health shakes for two meals of my day, decreasing by 2/3 the amount of time I spend in a day loving life.
Instead, my entire day at work is spent, not thinking about work, mind you, but what the one golden meal of mine will be.
Fuck Peanut Butter sandwiches, man.
When I have one meal a day, it is going to be the most delicious meal ever.
Every day, better than the last.
This is my goal.
I have to go now, because I only have 3 hours left at work, and I haven’t decided what to eat for dinner tonight.

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