If rubbing frozen dirt in your crotch is wrong, hey, I don’t want to be right.

I laughed so hard last night, my whole face hurt.
That hasn’t happened in a while, and it’s a nice feeling.
A nice informal get together turned into the crazy ass good times memories that always prompt me to unconsciously mutter “Good times… Memories…” during a conversation’s lull and always sends Felicia into a laughing fit.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how weird audiences are and more importantly, how weird I am.
I don’t know how to communicate this right.
You know how you laugh more at funny stuff when you’re around other people?
And how no one ever wants to be the only one laughing, but neither do they want to be the only one not laughing?
Such is the delicate balance of comedy. You have to aim to get the audible majority laughing.
I am not like this at all, and it’s only recently occurred to me that others aren’t like me.
I watch Friends completely alone in my house and laugh hysterically.
I’ll be the only one gasping for air at a joke that none of the other cretins in a comedy club gets.
Sometimes I just bust out laughing for no reason at all, and people ask what’s wrong with me, and I really just can’t explain it.
I’m not saying that I’m better than the rest of you people, I’m just saying… that I was just lying right there, I am better than the rest of you people.
No, Felicia said something this morning that really made sense. I was eating a CinnaBun at the mall, and she was not, because I think CinnaBuns frighten her, and we were looking over the edge into a courtyard-like thing where Santa used to sit.
Suddenly a train emerged from the underneath where we were sitting, originating in a place we couldn’t see, and I pointed and shouted out “Train!” and started giggling like an idiot.
She looked at me and said how weird it is that some people find comedy in everyday things.
We’re like reverse goths. It’s awesome.
I dunno, I’m glad I’m this way.
I’m glad I can laugh hysterically at parts in movies and books that I don’t think were intended to be funny. I’m glad people in movies turn around to see the wacko behind them curled up into a cunvulsing, spasming, laughter epileptic.
I’m glad I can say funny things like SneezeBerry without even knowing they’re funny until after I’ve heard myself say it.
Brett came to the sudden realization last night that for people who love laughing so much, we certainly beat ourselves up enough about trying to get it, and shouldn’t we all just be sitting back and letting everyone else make us laugh?
I was like, Duh, why do you think I hang out with comics so much?
I am using them all!!!! Ha ha ha!!!!!! The power of it all! Dance, puppets, DANCE!!!
Oh, I love the irony of writing a full entry about comedy without actually being funny.
Speaking of not being funny, I have to memorize my jokes for tomorrow…
PS – I just decided I am going skiing on Thursday.
And it will be good.