Easy Street. Where you sleep till noon.

Huh. 6 AM, eh?
I’ll sleep when I’m dead.
I posted this over at HBF, but can I just say that I am so tired of soccer moms trying to take over the world.
Example: Breast Feeding in Public
I’m sorry, breast feeding is natural, sure, fine, whatever.
So are wet dreams. Does that mean Slappy the Homeless Clown who takes naps in Burger King is allowed to unconciously squirt his man juice onto my Whopper?
I’m gonna be a radical here and say “No, thank you.”
Let’s just be glad the homeless don’t band together for one of THOSE sit-ins.
I’m all for giving your child breast milk. Bring it on. Let them bathe in it, the fuck do I care? Seriously, though, your saggy mom tits make me feel uncomfortable, CALL ME CALLOUS.
And I’m a non-smoker, but what is the deal with all this non-smoking bullshit?
Maybe I’m crazy because I work in a restaurant, and smoke doesn’t bother me, but seriously. No smoking in a comedy club? And bars?
It makes me feel like Jeremy Piven from Very Bad Things when he rears his car back and smashes into Daniel Stern’s precious minivan.
I have nothing else of substance to say. Except that it’s six fucking am and I’m not asleep.
I feel bad when Comedy Central goes off the air for infomercials at 4 AM, but it’s about to come back on for the new day.
I finished my Bill Maher book. I don’t care what anyone says, he’s a genius. That book is my new comedy bible.
I keep trying to count sheep, but they start like, Bahhing really loudly and making fun of me and I’m not gonna let some uppity sheep get away with that shit.