Can you one time kick it, what the fuck?

Today was a very good day.
If you know me well, which possibly three people who read this site actually do, you know that I’m totally into signs and fate and wacky stuff like that that people scoff at until I tell them that I have some sort of ambiguous bad feeling about them, and that night they get caught DUI without a liscence.
Well, as I was putting on my Barenaked Ladies t-shirt that I use for the joke (the thumbs up one), I started reading the back of it, the tour dates and such.
I scanned down the list until I saw where I’d gotten it – the Nashville, TN performance. Date? October 22nd.
Cut to inner monologue:
“No, this is not a sign, no no no, because if I THINK it is a sign, I will psych myself out, and it will be some sort of reverse fullfilling prophecy and it will be the worst night of comedy ever, no, this is not a sign, just a funny coincidence that I bought this shirt on this very day two years ago at the coolest concert I’d been to, and this shirt, which Sean tried to tell me not to buy, because I have too many t-shirts, has helped make my set what it is. So no. This is not a sign.”
Well, I don’t want to take celestial stock in t-shirts but, the contest went pretty f-ing well.
And by that, I mean I got first place.
So rock.
Also, my friend John Barry placed as well, which makes me very happy.
And now, I’m going to get some shut eye.
Joe Cool from HBF and skullzdotirc fame is visiting me today, and I have to be up in, oh, two hours to wake him up for his drive back.
Good times, people.

Nightmare After SDO

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